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Video by Tom Chen,, March 28, 2013

Press Release

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下城——下东区艺术 乔舒亚•阿贝娄 大卫•阿达莫 迈克尔•鲍尔 埃里卡•鲍姆 大卫•布鲁克斯 希拉里•哈尔施费格 杰西卡•杰克逊•哈钦斯 阿尼卡•伊


VIP开幕酒会:2013年3月8日,周五,晚6-8点 上海James Cohan画廊 地址:徐汇区岳阳路170弄1号楼1楼,近永嘉路

上海James Cohan画廊将荣幸推出群展 《下城——下东区艺术》,于2013年3月8日开幕。由纽约James Cohan画廊策划组织、并在上海空间展出的此次展览《下城》,为观众呈现来自美国纽约下东区——一个发展迅速的艺术区域的八位艺术家的作品。他们的作品印证了下东区不断寻求另一种可能性的特色。此次展览是这八位参展艺术家在中国的首次展示。同时,一本双语画册也将随展览出版。


本次《下城》展览由纽约James Cohan画廊的Jessica Lin Cox 和William Pym共同策划,得到了代理各参展艺术家的画廊的鼎力支持。

伴随本次展览出版的画册追溯了“下城”概念的发展,在将其定义为一个地域概念的同时也强调其作为一种态度。策展人撰文追溯了从20世纪60年代到当下纽约下城的艺术发展状况与同时期的社会文化语境。来自参展艺术家与画廊主的第一人称叙述贯穿与点缀整本画册,为观众讲述下东区之于他们的意义,使读者仿佛无意听到艺术家与艺术从业者们的生活片段。与展览主题相一致,画册由国际知名的设计公司Project Projects设计,而该设计公司也是下东区这一社区中的一员。

更多信息或图片,请联系 周冰心izhou@jamescohan.com或 +86-21-54660825。画廊工作时间:周二至周六,早10点至晚6点,周日中午12点至晚6点,周一请预约。


DOWNTOWN: A View of New York's Lower East Side Joshua Abelow David Adamo Michael Bauer David Brooks Erica Baum Hilary Harnischfeger Jessica Jackson Hutchins Anicka Yi

March 8 through May 5, 2013

Press Preview for US press at JCG New York on March 8 at 
10:00am Exhibition on view at James Cohan Gallery Shanghai

Opening Reception: March 8, 2013, Friday, 6-8 pm 
Venue: James Cohan Gallery Shanghai 
Address: 1F, Building 1, Lane 170 Yue Yang Road, by Yong Jia Road

James Cohan Gallery Shanghai is pleased to announce DOWNTOWN: A View of New York's Lower East Side opening on March 8. Organized in New York for the gallery’s Shanghai space, DOWNTOWN is a group exhibition featuring eight artists whose work exemplifies the alternative scene in New York City’s burgeoning Lower East Side art district. For the artists included, this exhibition marks the first time their work will be shown in China. A bi-lingual catalog of the exhibition accompanies the exhibition.

In assembling this exhibition, DOWNTOWN provides a snapshot of what is on view in eight prominent LES galleries. As the oldest neighborhood in New York City, the LES has been home to waves of immigrants from Eastern European Jews, Poles and Ukrainians to what is today the heart of New York’s Chinatown. Throughout the neighborhood, galleries can be found tucked into small storefronts, up narrow staircases, and more recently in newly-built white box spaces. Progressive gallery models are thriving; they are incubators of the most exciting emerging artwork being made today. The close-knit community of artists and art dealers attracts well-heeled crowds to this former working class neighborhood, shifting the associations of the old world to the new. In the spirit of cultural exchange, this exhibition brings the best of the LES scene to audiences in Shanghai.

DOWNTOWN was developed in collaboration with the LES galleries who represent the artists presented in the exhibition. It was curated by Jessica Lin Cox and William Pym of James Cohan Gallery, New York.

The accompanying publication traces the evolution of the idea of 'downtown' as an attitude as much as a place. An essay by the curators charts the history of the downtown art scene in New York and the parallel social and cultural contexts from the late 1960s to the present. Interspersed throughout are first-person narratives from the artists and gallerists in the show who talk about what the LES means to them. The effect for the reader is as if overhearing snippets of life lived by artists and art professionals on the scene. In keeping with the show’s theme, the publication has been designed by Project Projects, an internationally celebrated design firm as well as a grassroots member of the LES community.

For further information, please contact Ivy Zhou at or contact the gallery at +86 21 54660825. Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 to 6:00 p.m.; Sunday 12:00 to 6:00 p.m.; and Monday by appointment.

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