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Naudline Pierre sitting between two of her works

Photo: Nick Glover

Congratulations to Naudline Pierre on the opening of What Could Be Has Not Yet Appeared, on view at the Dallas Museum of Art from September 26 to May 15. This is the artist's first solo museum exhibition. 

For What Could Be Has Not Yet Appeared, Pierre created a suite of five new works that continue her investigations of hybridity, multiplicity, and transformation through the unfolding narrative of a central protagonist. Across the five canvases, the central figure undergoes a process of change, gaining the powers of flight, wielding flame, and claiming her power in an expression of the escape, pleasure, and care made possible in Pierre’s fantastic worlds. The works are presented alongside other recent works by Pierre—including the DMA’s recent acquisition, Lest You Fall (2019)—that illustrate similar themes and embody the painterly techniques that have become Pierre’s signature: jewel-toned hues; gradients of color; thin, translucent washes; and figures built up from modulated layers and tones.

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