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Portrait of Kelly Sinnapah Mary

Portrait of Kelly Sinnapah Mary. Courtesy the artist.

James Cohan is delighted to announce the representation of Guadeloupe-based artist Kelly Sinnapah Mary. The artist will have her first solo exhibition with the gallery in Spring 2025.

Kelly Sinnapah Mary creates paintings, sculptures, and installations that draw upon the complex interrelationships between folklore, literature, inheritance, history, and the natural world. Sinnapah Mary’s work is rooted both materially and narratively in the artist's immediate environment of the Caribbean archipelago of Guadeloupe, a French overseas department, and her own evolving understanding of her ancestral origins.

Sinnapah Mary's practice takes the form of an ongoing visual notebook in which the artist explores a rich repository of diasporic memories, mythologies, and superstitions, the synthesis of which challenges the ideological constructs of colonialism and its continued reverberations throughout today’s world.

For inquiries regarding Kelly Sinnapah Mary, please contact Paula Naughton at or 212-714-9500.

For press inquiries, please contact Sarah Stengel at or 212-714-9500.

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