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Portrait of Jesse Mockrin

James Cohan is delighted to announce the representation of Los Angeles-based painter Jesse Mockrin. Mockrin's work is currently on view in the 2022 Biennale de Lyon. The artist will have her debut solo exhibition with the gallery in September 2023.

Jesse Mockrin’s luminous oil paintings extract details from European Old Master paintings, reformulating and recontextualizing cultural narratives and art historical motifs to speak to the present. For Mockrin, these paintings and stories function as an entry point into an ongoing conversation about images, time, appropriation, and gender constructs. As the artist notes, “In referencing art history in my work, I am particularly interested in the ever-evolving meaning attached to images, how they transform over time and across culture, and how the act of bringing them into our present context expands their resonance now.

To learn more about the artist, click HERE. 

For inquiries regarding Jesse Mockrin, please contact Sascha Feldman at or 212-714-9500.

For press inquiries, please contact Sarah Stengel at or 212-714-9500.

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