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James Cohan Now Represents Alexandre da Cunha

Portrait of Alexandre da Cunha. Courtesy the artist. Photo by Mel Castro Duarte.

James Cohan is delighted to announce the representation of the Brazilian-born artist Alexandre da Cunha. He will have his debut solo exhibition with the gallery in October 2024. Da Cunha is represented in collaboration with Thomas Dane Gallery in London and Naples, Office Baroque in Antwerp, and Galeria Luisa Strina in São Paulo.

Grounded in material aesthetics, Alexandre da Cunha creates monumentally scaled sculptures and playfully constructed wall-mounted work using metamorphosed everyday and found objects. Given their renewed possibility and playing with the visual language of art historical movements such as Arte Povera and Tropicália, da Cunha’s sculptures inspire lush potential, elevating our everyday encounters with ordinary materials to sociocultural events.

Working between São Paulo and London, da Cunha’s unique point of view is amplified by his urban surroundings. Concrete, a seemingly mundane or utilitarian material, is made lyrical and almost delicate in da Cunha’s hands. Engaging with the vocabulary of modernism, Brazilian neo-concrete movements, and architecture the artist’s elegantly constructed concrete sculptures undo any preconceived notions about the medium’s materiality or functionality.

For inquiries regarding Alexandre da Cunha, please contact Hannah Chinn at or 212-714-9500.

For press inquiries, please contact Sarah Stengel at or 212-714-9500.

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