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VIP开幕酒会:2012年5月26日,周六,晚6-8点 上海James Cohan画廊 地址:徐汇区岳阳路170弄1号楼1楼,近永嘉路

上海James Cohan画廊将荣幸推出上海艺术家石至莹个展《无垠的草坪》,展览将于2012年5月26日开幕,并持续至7月26日。这是艺术家在James Cohan画廊的首次个展。




石至莹(1979年出生于上海),毕业于上海大学美术学院油画系。2009年,她在北京尤伦斯当代艺术中心举办了重要个展《从太平洋─公海》。她的作品参加过许多群展,包括2011年《N分钟影像艺术节》,上海;《白兔十年》,White Rabbit画廊,悉尼;《DAS ICH IM ANDEREN》,麦卡托基金会,德国埃森;2010年《双簧─中国当代艺术展2010》,东大名创库,上海;《百年女性中外女艺术家作品展》,上海美术馆,上海;2010年个展《天上•人间》,空白空间,北京。艺术家目前工作和生活于上海。

更多信息或图片,请联系 周冰心 izhou@jamescohan.com或 +86-21-54660825 *602。画廊工作时间:周二至周六,早10点至晚6点,周日中午12点至晚6点,周一请预约。



SHI ZHIYING: The Infinite Lawn

May 26 through July 26, 2012

VIP opening reception: May 26th, 2012, Saturday, 6-8 pm Venue: James Cohan Gallery Shanghai Address: 1F, Building 1, No.170 Yueyang Road, by Yongjia Road

James Cohan Gallery Shanghai is pleased to present the solo exhibition The Infinite Lawn by Shanghai-based artist Shi Zhiying, opening May 26 and continuing through July 26, 2012. This is the artist’s debut exhibition at the gallery.

Known for her stark black and white paintings depicting vast views of the sea, endless landscapes of scattered rocks, traditional sand gardens and intricate blades of grass, Shi’s paintings are at once deeply visceral and contemplative. “I wish to face things quietly, attentively” the artist has stated, “I treat painting [and objects] sincerely; I am communicating with them…."

The exhibition features Shi Zhiying’s recent project Palomar, a set of 30 watercolor and ink works inspired by the book Mr. Palomar by Italian writer Italo Calvino (1923-1985). The novel’s central character, whose name also evokes that of a famous observatory, continuously makes philosophical observations and speculations about the world around him—a wave, the rays of the sun, a pair of turtles, a sand garden—all leading to ruminations on the nature of things and Being towards the universal. Each of Shi’s 27 works corresponds to a single chapter.

The centerpiece to the exhibition, The Infinite Lawn, is a large scale painting which also refers to one of the novel’s key chapters. The Grass painting series was started in 2010. As in Shi’s earlier seascape paintings or her recent Mars and Sand series, grass is one of the motifs the artist keeps returning to, eliminating all that is inessential and to further distill its essential characteristic. Or, as Shi Zhiying might ask, “Are any two blades of grass ever alike?”

Shi Zhiying (born in Shanghai, 1979) graduated from the Oil Painting Department, Shanghai University Fine Arts College. In 2009, Shi Zhiying was the subject of a major solo exhibition From The Pacific Ocean to the High Seas at Ullens Center of Contemporary Art in Beijing. Her work has been featured in distinguished group exhibitions, including 2011 N Minutes Video Art Festival, Shanghai, China; 2011 Decade of the Rabbit, White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney, Australia; 2011 DAS ICH IM ANDEREN, Stiftung Mercator, Essen, Germany; 2010 Double Act – 2010 Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition, Red Town Warehouse, Shanghai; 2010 Centennial Celebration of Women in Art, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, and a solo exhibition at White Space in Beijing in 2010. She exhibitionsly works and lives in Shanghai.

For further information or additional images, please contact Ms. Ivy Zhou at or +86 - 21 - 54660825 *602. Gallery hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10-6 p.m., Sunday 12-6 p.m., and Monday by appointment.

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