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artwork by Roxy Paine's PMU

ROXY PAINE PMU#5, 2001 acrylic on canvas 36 X 59 X 4 inches

Image of Andy Warhol's oxidation painting

ANDY WARHOL Oxidation Painting, 1978 copper metallic pigment with mixed media on canvas 48 X 49 1/2 inches

abstract work by Ingrid Calame

INGRID CALAME g g g g g g, 2002 enamel on aluminum 24 X 24 inches

abstract work by Robert Ryman

ROBERT RYMAN Basis, 1998 oil on canvas 32 X 32 inches

photorealistic painting of dollops of paint

RICHARD PATTERSON Untitled (Pink), 2001 oil on canvas 57 7/8 X 44 1/8 inches

abstract painting by Gerhard Richter

GERHARD RICHTER Guildenstern, 1998 Cibachrome between plexiglass 40 1/8 X 45 5/8 inches

abstract work by Polly Apfelbaum

POLLY APFELBAUM Foxy Hybrid, 2002 velvet and dye approximately 26 1/2 inches in diameter

Press Release

The works in this exhibition are realized through process and materiality, in which their intrinsic material properties become the work's subject matter.

Artists include: James Welling, Ingrid Calame, Joseph Marioni, Andy Warhol, Roxy Paine, Jessica Stockholder, Damien Hirst, Polly Apfelbaum, Richard Patterson, Robert Ryman, Richard Artschwager, and Gerhard Richter.

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